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Presenter Information

What follows are the guidelines concerning both oral and poster presentations.

Oral Presentations

1. Each talk will be 20 minutes in length. There will be a maximum of 5 talks/session. A 30-minute round-table discussion will end each session. There will be no Q&A following each talk other than clarifications. All discussions will be reserved for the round-table sessions.

2. All presentations are to be done with a laptop computer using an LCD projector (the projector will be provided).

3. Bring your own laptop computer to project your presentation or arrange with other session speakers to share a laptop. We will not provide laptops for projection.

3. We strongly encourage you to have a backup of your presentation on a DVD or USB storage device in the event your laptop has a technical problem or is incompatible with the LCD projector.

4. We ask that all the presentations be ready at the beginning of the technical session. It should only take a minute or two to switch out laptops after each talk.

5. Please arrive to your session a few minutes early to make sure your laptop is compatible with the equipment provided.

6. Power cords will be provided. International speakers, be sure that you have the necessary cords/converters so that your laptop will work with the LCD projector.


1. We ask that you provide a poster no larger than 3' (width) x 4' (height). It should be ready to mount by 7:00 am on the morning of the day and in the location you are scheduled to present.

2. Materials for posting will be provided.

3. Your poster presentation will be made at the beginning of the Round Table discussion at the end of a session. You will have 90 seconds to present the salient points of your poster. The program indicates when you are scheduled to present.

4. You may leave your poster up for the remainder of the day but it must be removed by 6:00 pm on the day you presented.

If you have any questions, contact Ruth Hengst at